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What a year!

As we come to the end of our first academic year at Newquay Primary Academy, we wanted to take a look back at some of our highlights…

September 2021

Newquay Primary Academy officially opened it’s (temporary) doors to its first cohort of Reception pupils.

Aptly named Joshua Class – after the first RNLI lifeboat to be used at Newquay Lifeboat Station. The first class of Newquay Primary Academy students set sail on their maiden voyage into primary education; led by their Captain Mr Hayes, First Mate Ms Wilson and with crew members Miss Biggers, Tracey Payne and Hannah Amos on hand.

October 2021

After receiving reports of children having too much fun at school, Joshua Class received a visit from the local police community officer.

The visit tied in with the children learning about the special people in our community that help us. They also went on to receive visitors from the Fire Brigade, a local dental practice, the RSPCA, and the RNLI.

November 2021

Due to our location, we have an excellent relationship with Newquay Tretherras.

In November, some Sixth Form biologists created a super big bug hunt for our children.

Joshua Class used the map that the Sixth Formers had created to search for the bugs and all our explorer equipment to study each insect they found. The children then ticked off each bug they had discovered from a list the students had made.

December 2021

Newquay Primary Academy hosted its first ever Nativity performance for academy friends and family. The nativity, called Whoops-a-Daisy Angel, followed a clumsy angel who led the other angels, wise men, and shepherds to the birth of Baby Jesus… with a song or two along the way.

The children worked hard, and the parents really pulled out the stops with the costumes. A real team effort. This was undoubtedly a special moment for the pupils, parents and staff that will go on to be recorded in Newquay Primary Academy history.

January 2022

In January, Newquay Primary Academy not only welcomed 2022 but also some special extra-terrestrial visitors – Joshua Class had been visited by some friendly aliens.

Tying into their term topic, space, the children had some excellent questions for the aliens… Where are you from? How old are you? What colour is your planet?

Friendly aliens weren’t the only visitors that Joshua Class welcomed this year. Zog the Dragon, pirates, a mermaid, and The Queen also made an appearance.

February 2022

To reward them for all their hard work and good behaviour – and while some essential maintenance took place at the academy – Joshua Class was treated to a trip to Newquay Zoo.

The children loved exploring Newquay Zoo and counting all the different animals. The children were particularly interested in the male and female peacocks. They loved the pelicans, tortoises, and cheeky monkeys. They even spotted the sloth moving.

Back in the classroom, the children used fantastic handwriting and letter formation to write about their favourite part of the trip.

March 2022

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Joshua Class had a very special visitor… author and illustrator, Anna Lewis AKA Sketchy Muma.

Anna spoke about the books she has illustrated and showed the children some of her work. Anna has also written and illustrated her own book as Sketchy Muma.

Everyone in Joshua class created three giant dragons. They decided to make a disco dragon, a rainbow dragon and a beach dragon. The children used different textures and materials to make dragon scales and parts of the dragons – including paint, glitter, material, wool, shells, bubble wrap, pens and many more things.

April 2022

Move over Knights of the Round Table…. this is Joshua Class of the Round Table!

After working so hard in the Autumn Term and filling their marble reward jar, Joshua Class had a medieval banquet fit for princesses, kings, knights and dragons.

April also saw Joshua Class start a five-week swimming lesson programme.

May 2022

May was a wheelie great month at Newquay Primary Academy. Joshua Class started a cycling competency course as part of PE. Through 1-2-1 coaching with Ms Rai, each pupil improved in confidence, balance and, of course, speed.

Like everyone else in Great Britain, Newquay Primary Academy celebrated The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in style – including an Afternoon Tea, a game of Pin the Jewel on the Queen’s Crown and putting on a right royal performance for their parents.

June 2022

On Wednesday 22nd June, Newquay Primary Academy held its inaugural Sports Day – and what a day it was. Everyone involved were superstars – pupils, parents, staff and especially the pupils at Newquay Tretherras for all their help.

BIG well done to Joshua Class… you smashed it!

July 2022

July saw the start of Beach School down on Porth Beach. Newquay Primary Academy is so lucky to have fantastic areas of beauty right on our doorstep, including the beach and Newquay Orchard.

At Beach School, Joshua Class discovered cuttlefish, a mermaid purse, a variety of shells, muscles, and lots of different seaweed.

Joshua class also had a tour of the lifeguard hut and used the binoculars to spot the red and yellow flags at the water’s edge. They also enjoyed looking around the truck, sitting on the paddle board and learning all about the giant first aid pack.

Looking ahead…

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Mermaids spotted


There was no evidence that mermaids have ever lived on earth until today. A local Cornish primary school discovered ‘Mischief the Mermaid’ and ‘Tink the Mermaid’ during a Beach School session.

Joshua Class from Newquay Primary Academy made the discovery on popular Cornish beach, Porth. Ms Wilson – class teacher, stated that Joshua Class had made history by making this discovery and that it was all very exciting.

The children had lots of questions for Mischief and Tink. They wanted to know about the creatures that lived in the sea with them, what their home was like, and how many mermaids lived with them.

Great fun was had by all, and Mischief and Tink returned to the sea.

Will a real-life mermaid ever be seen again?

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Sarah Outen MBE

Joshua Class were incredibly lucky to meet Sarah Outen, MBE. Her amazing adventure circling the globe under her own power has really motivated the children in some excellent writing and questioning.

Sarah Outen used kayaks, rowing boats and bikes to travel the entire circumference of the globe using only her own power! She spoke to the children about the sea craft she used, the marine creatures she saw and all of the essential items she needed to cross the Pacific ocean solo.

Sarah has written a book and made a documentary called ‘Home’ all about her amazing adventures. Well done Joshua Class for your thoughtful questions. We found out how she made fresh drinking water, where she kept her bin, where she went to the toilet, which wildlife she met, where she slept, and how bad were the storms, among many others questions!

Thank you Sarah Outen for spending time with Joshua Class.

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Beach Clean

Today at Beach School Joshua Class learnt how to clean a beach safely.

They looked at different pictures of things they should and should not pick up. The children used litter pickers and gloves to pick up different types of plastic and string to protect our planet and sea life. Then they looked in the collection bags and separated the rubbish out to see what they had found.

Joshua Class also came across the wind sailor jelly fish (velella velella). These jellyfish spend their time drifting along the surface of the sea using the top part of it as a sail. They are blue and transparent when dry.

The children learnt about moon jelly fish, which are transparent and do not sting and blue moon jelly fish that do sting.

We ended the beach session with a story. The children had to guess what happened in the story…. 25 years ago there was a big boat with 62 containers on board, a wave came along and some containers fell off. Still to this day there are many Lego pieces missing at sea.

Next time you go to the beach, I wonder if you will come across any Lego pieces?

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Beach School

Joshua class had a fantastic first trip to Porth beach on Friday, as part of our Beach School initiative.

We had a sand castle competition. Lots of the class were able to recall the different features of a castle we learned about last term. The teams decorated their castles and added lots of modern features too. Some of Joshua class were experimenting with the stream, seeing if they could change the direction of the water.

We discovered cuttlefish, a mermaid purse, a variety of shells, muscles and lots of different seaweed. We counted shells and made double patterns on sandcastles.

Joshua class then had a tour of the lifeguard hut, and used the binoculars to spot the red and yellow flags at the waters edge. They also enjoyed looking around the truck, sitting on the paddle board and learning all about the giant first aid pack.

Well done Joshua class for a fantastic morning.

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Sports Day

On Wednesday 22nd June, Newquay Primary Academy held its inaugural Sports Day.

Thank you to everyone that came and made it such a special celebration. Special thanks goes to the pupils at Newquay Tretherras for all their help.

And a BIG well done to Joshua Class… you smashed it!

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Visit to Newquay Lifeboat Station

Joshua class visited Newquay Lifeboat Station to learn all about how the RNLI use their boats and equipment to keep us safe in the water. The children enjoyed looking around the station, and discovering the two boats and tractors (used to get the boats in to the water). Joshua class were really impressed with the large tractor, that is water tight and can be submerged in water!

We also learned all about the Joshua boat. This is the boat our Reception class is named after, as we are the first class in Newquay Primary Academy. It was a wooden boat that had to be pulled in to the water by horses. You can see the boat at Newquay Carnival. Some of the children wanted to have their photos taken as lifeguards.

Many thanks to John who gave us a tour around the lifeboat station and who was full of interesting facts. Well done to Joshua class for super listening and questioning.

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RNLI Lifeguard visit

Joshua class had a special visitor today from the RNLI. Mark is a lifeguard supervisor. The children learnt all about the flags that are used at the beach. They learnt they can swim and bodyboard safely between the red and yellow flag, surf between the black and white flag and also they should never go in the water if the red flag is flying.

Max and Molly got to dress up as lifeguards. We learnt all about why lifeguards wear hats, glasses and yellow T-shirt’s and what the red floaty is used for. We also learnt about the jet skis and what they are used for and what safety equipment the lifeguards use.

The children listened carefully to all the things lifeguards do to keep us safe and what help they give if we hurt ourselves at the beach. The children know to dial 999 and ask for the coastguard, if they ever need help when the lifeguards have gone home. We also learnt how to get the attention of the lifeguard if we get in trouble in the water, by waving one arm and shouting “help!”.

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Happy Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

It was wonderful to see all of Joshua class sporting red, white and blue today.

We played some guessing games and shared all our knowledge about Queen Elizabeth and how the UK will celebrate. The children enjoyed trying a cream tea and did a fantastic job of spreading their own cream and jam. Lots of requests for seconds too!

We received a message from the queen after Molly said she may come in to school.

We performed our celebration dance and played party games like pin the diamond on the Queen’s crown. As usual Joshua class showed us how special they are by supporting their friends through out the game, with cheers and celebrations! Well done Axl for being the closest to the impact zone!

We then had a dance off and played musical bumps and musical statues.

What a fun day to end an outstanding half term. Happy holidays Joshua class ❤️

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Happy Thank a Teacher Day

This week, we’re not just celebrating the Queen, we are also celebrating the Queen of Newquay Primary Academy, Ms Wilson.

Today marks ‘Thank A Teacher Day’ and to show their appreciation to Ms Wilson, Joshua Class made a card with a poem and gave her a beautiful bunch of flowers.

Ms Wilson you are the best!