All Newquay Primary Academy staff receive high quality training so that they understand the principles of second-language acquisition and methodology to be able to adapt their lessons accordingly. We also support the parents of our EAL pupils by providing a Parent Support Adviser (PSA for family literacy support who will conduct home visits and prepare support plans) so that parents understand how the education system works and how to support their child’s education.

EAL pupils have individualised education plans which will be reviewed regularly by the class teacher and Lead Teacher for EAL. When supporting EAL pupils, our staff will:

  • Use visuals in the form of pictures, photographs etc. to help learners make sense of new information.
  • Use graphic organisers such as tables or grids to help learners organise their thinking.
  • Develop interactive and collaborative teaching and learning styles and activities.
  • Think about the language demands of the curriculum (oral and written) and provide models.
  • Use drama and role play to make learning memorable and encourage empathy.
  • Get learners to work with partners or in small groups using the language for a specific purpose rather than out of context.
  • Maintain and develop learners’ first language alongside improving their English.
  • Provide opportunities to talk before writing and use.
  • Support language development through key phrases and structures rather than key words.