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A very special visit

Wowzers! Joshua class could not believe their eyes… our security cameras have caught something rather amazing over the weekend. Father Christmas was spotted driving his sleigh over the academy.

This provoked a fantastic conversation about why Father Christmas was in Newquay before Christmas Eve. Some of the children had fantastic answers…

Henry – He’s got the wrong day!
Barney – He’s testing his sleigh
Imogen – He is looking for the good and bad children (It is good to double check!)
Elise – He is giving presents out early
Poppy – He’s testing out the size of chimneys!
Archie – He’s just chilling out. Enjoying his sleigh
Rhiannon – He is having a ride

We will be looking out for his Sleigh in case he visits again before Christmas! Listen out for those jingle bells Joshua Class!