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Beach Clean

Today at Beach School Joshua Class learnt how to clean a beach safely.

They looked at different pictures of things they should and should not pick up. The children used litter pickers and gloves to pick up different types of plastic and string to protect our planet and sea life. Then they looked in the collection bags and separated the rubbish out to see what they had found.

Joshua Class also came across the wind sailor jelly fish (velella velella). These jellyfish spend their time drifting along the surface of the sea using the top part of it as a sail. They are blue and transparent when dry.

The children learnt about moon jelly fish, which are transparent and do not sting and blue moon jelly fish that do sting.

We ended the beach session with a story. The children had to guess what happened in the story…. 25 years ago there was a big boat with 62 containers on board, a wave came along and some containers fell off. Still to this day there are many Lego pieces missing at sea.

Next time you go to the beach, I wonder if you will come across any Lego pieces?