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Beach School

Joshua class had a fantastic first trip to Porth beach on Friday, as part of our Beach School initiative.

We had a sand castle competition. Lots of the class were able to recall the different features of a castle we learned about last term. The teams decorated their castles and added lots of modern features too. Some of Joshua class were experimenting with the stream, seeing if they could change the direction of the water.

We discovered cuttlefish, a mermaid purse, a variety of shells, muscles and lots of different seaweed. We counted shells and made double patterns on sandcastles.

Joshua class then had a tour of the lifeguard hut, and used the binoculars to spot the red and yellow flags at the waters edge. They also enjoyed looking around the truck, sitting on the paddle board and learning all about the giant first aid pack.

Well done Joshua class for a fantastic morning.