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Dave the Dog

Joshua class have had a wonderful Friday. They were all so excited to meet Dave the Dog today. The class talked about how to take care of dogs. The children used some lovely vocabulary, that they have been learning this term – like hydrate and shelter.

The children wrote some wonderful sentences about Dave and then they went to the Orchard. The children were engaged and busy all morning. Many bugs were found. Lots of millipedes and insect eggs!

They also released their class butterflies into the Orchard. It was a beautiful Joshua class moment! Reggie found a very interesting insect sac at the Orchard. The class are not sure if it is a chrysalis, so have brought it back to class to watch it hatch! We wonder what the children will find on Monday!!!

Dave was also spoilt rotten, getting lots of love and playtime. Joshua class did a fantastic job of taking it in turns to walk him.

Well done Joshua class for all your discoveries and nature art creations. Fabulous communication and active learning. What a lovely morning in the sunshine!