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Dino discovery

Tamar class had a surprise when they returned to school after the Christmas break – they came into the classroom to find footprints. Who did they belong to? Where had they come from?

The pupils then found a letter hidden in the classroom from Dino Mama. She had lost her eggs and needed help finding them. We explored the orchard, the sports fields and the playground. The children were amazed to find the eggs tucked away in the shed. They brought them inside to keep them safe and warm until they hatch.

In the afternoon, Tamar Class chipped away at frozen dinosaur eggs to discover what dinosaur was living inside. The children learnt that dinosaurs are pre historic reptiles that lived over 65 million years ago. They looked at all the different types of dinosaurs they had found in the frozen eggs to see if they could predict what type of dinosaur Dino Mama could be.