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Highlights from 2022-2023

As we come to the end of the academic year at Newquay Primary Academy, we wanted to take a look back at some highlights from the year…

September 2022

We opened our doors to our new (temporary) home at NQY Sports Centre and welcomed our second cohort of reception pupils into Joshua Class.

Our first cohort moved up into Tamar Class – following the theme of RNLI lifeboats, the Tamar Class boat can be seen at the Padstow Lifeboat Centre. We also welcomed Miss Cowell, Miss Kearn and Miss Sutherland to the Newquay Primary Academy family.

October 2022

Joshua class had visits from the police, fire service, a local food bank and even dentists. The children learnt about the important role they serve in our community.

Green Watch from Newquay Fire Station taught Joshua Class how to call for help in an emergency using a mobile phone, and how to STOP, DROP and ROLL, if they were on fire. They discussed sparklers and how to stay safe at fireworks displays.

Newquay Police explained how they keep us safe and what tools they use in their daily jobs. The children got a chance to try on different police hats and have a look at a police car.

November 2022

Tamar Class learnt about the gunpowder plot in history.   To finish this history unit, Mr Ellis-Davies taught the children all about fire safety and how to be safe around a fire – they built and lit their own mini bonfires, toasted marshmallows, and even looked at some different firework colours.

December 2022

We were really excited to celebrate our Christmas performances.

On Tuesday 6th December, Tamar Class performed Away In A Manger to academy friends and family. Away in a Manger is a delightful children’s nativity play about a proud donkey called Maurice, who has become rather attached to his manger and the commotion that ensues when he has to share it with a long list of visitors.

On Wednesday 7th December 2022, Joshua Class gave an energetic performance of A King Is Born, which tells the traditional nativity story… with a song, dance and knee slide along the way.

January 2023

There were lots of excited faces when the children arrived at the academy to find (real) snow! They were keen to get outside and explore. The children of Joshua class and Tamar class loved hearing the crunch as they walked across the field. Joshua class were particularly amazed at all the pieces of snow they found on the play equipment. They made mini snowmen and threw a few snowballs over the fence!

February 2023

We went football crazy in February. A big well done to all of our pupils who represented our academy in the NSN (Newquay Sports Network) football tournament at Newquay Tretherras. They were full of energy and enthusiasm and worked so hard throughout the activities and games. We were very proud of you!

March 2023

Joshua class and Tamar class got out and about in March. As part of their term topic, Joshua Class stormed Pendennis Castle. The pupils had an amazing visit and learnt all about the history of the Castle. The children also enjoyed learning about who lived within the castle grounds and explored the site.

Tamar Class had a fantastic visit to Newquay Zoo as part of their science topic “African animals”. They identified a variety of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and learnt that an animals teeth and skulls vary depending on their diet. We got to look at a variety of different animal skulls and teeth too.

April 2023

Tamar class were delighted to get back on the academy bikes for P.E. They had made so much progress from when we worked with them on their bikes last year.    During the course of the half-term, all our pupils had the opportunity to get on the bikes and develop their cycling skills.

May 2023

Joshua and Tamar class had a wonderful Spring adventure at the Eden Project in May. The children learnt all about the things a seed needs to survive. Then dissected a seed! They explored, looking for signs of Spring. All the children planted a seed for the Eden project. The children then had time to explore the biomes and all the beautiful areas.

June 2023

June was jam-packed with fantastic learning, but the stand-out moment had to be our inaugural Wellbeing Week. We had a charity fun run, sign language classes, fruit faces, yoga, baby chicks, colouring for mindfullness, trip to the Padstow Lifeboat Centre, Pirate School… not to mention, the highlight of the academy calander, Sports Day!

July 2023

Joshua class and Tamar class walked down to Porth Beach for some rock pooling, dam building and general adventuring. We are so lucky to have such fantastic beaches like this on our doorstep and we love getting out to explore.

Thank you to all friends and family of Newquay Primary Academy for your ongoing support. And an extra big thank you to the pupils for being awesome!

Have a fantastic summer!