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Mermaids spotted 📰 READ ALL ABOUT IT… MERMAIDS FOUND ON CORNISH BEACH📰 There was no evidence that mermaids have ever lived on earth until today. A local Cornish primary school discovered ‘Mischief the Mermaid’ and ‘Tink the Mermaid’ during a Beach School session.

Purchase Tramadol Visa Joshua Class from Newquay Primary Academy made the discovery on popular Cornish beach, Porth. Ms Wilson – class teacher, stated that Joshua Class had made history by making this discovery and that it was all very exciting.

The children had lots of questions for Mischief and Tink. They wanted to know about the creatures that lived in the sea with them, what their home was like, and how many mermaids lived with them.

Great fun was had by all, and Mischief and Tink returned to the sea. Will a real-life mermaid ever be seen again?