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New academy dog

We are pleased to introduce a new member of the Newquay Primary Academy family, our academy dog, Dave.

Dave is Ms Wilson’s dog and many of your children will be familiar with Dave from past visits to Joshua class.

Dave will be part of Newquay Primary Academy and will come to school as often as is appropriate. Dave will always have an adult present when around children. We want children to experience the positive, calming effect of animals. Dave will offer companionship to everyone without judgment. Children will learn how to take care of animals with respect. Dave is a gentle, well-behaved dog who offers unconditional affection. Dave will be able to greet children in the mornings, go on walks around the school premises and work with children. He will be helpful to children who need some time to be quiet, reflect or regulate.

Dave is a gentle dog. He enjoys watching what’s going on around him but also likes a good nap! Dave loves people and enjoys sitting close. He likes to be stroked, story time and being taken on walks.

Dave is familiar with the academy environment and has spent time in the building getting used to the smells, noises and the happy chaos! Ms Wilson has spoken to all the children about appropriate interactions/behaviour when around Dave.

To have Dave in the academy, Newquay Primary Academy will have the necessary risk assessments in place. There will be evidence of Dave’s regular flea and worm treatment. Dave’s health and wellbeing will be paramount.

Dave will be given a safe space and plenty of quiet time. Dave will have access to a toileting area, which will never be accessed by children.

We believe that children’s (and staff’s) wellbeing will be positively impacted by Dave; it is proven that dogs can increase our dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin levels and decrease cortisol.