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Out and about

All three classes have been making the most of the fantastic weather and our awesome surroundings and getting out and about in the first two weeks of term.


Joshua class visited Newquay Orchard and spent their time searching for bugs, drawing pictures of the things they could see, walking Dave the dog and listening to a story. Ms Wilson and Mrs Kearn was super impressed with their listening, their kindness and their fabulous attitude to exploring new things.

Well done Joshua class, what a truly amazing start to academy life!

Tamar class also made the most of having the orchard on our doorstep and took their science lesson outdoors to put their knowledge of the five sense to the test. The pupils all described the items they were touching, identified noises they could hear, found fruits they would be able to taste, saw diggers distance and smelt lots of lovely flowers.

Severn went on a walk around Newquay in order to create their very own maps of the local area. They included the tennis courts, zoo and even the miniature train. Severn were amazing and earned 5 marbles for outstanding behaviour and map drawing skills!