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Pendennis Castle

Joshua Class enjoyed a fantastic trip to Pendennis Castle in Falmouth yesterday.

At the castle we learnt all about the landmark’s exciting history. We learnt Henry 8th upset the Spanish and French Kings by taking a new wife. The children enjoyed acting out the history and we even pretended to battle the French and Spanish when they sailed down the estuary to attack the castle.

The children then did some amazing investigating! They tried on clothes from the past, discussed what job the person did and if they were rich or poor. We learnt about pot boys, governors, blacksmiths and gunners. We then investigated boxes and tried to figure out what the old artefacts had been used for and by whom. Joshua class loved learning about doctors, teachers, how the castle was lit and how the food was eaten.

After lunch we were allowed to explore and we had the whole castle to ourselves. We played with the cannons and discovered all the different parts of the castle.

Joshua class, as always, made us very proud!