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RNLI Lifeguard visit

Joshua class had a special visitor today from the RNLI. Mark is a lifeguard supervisor. The children learnt all about the flags that are used at the beach. They learnt they can swim and bodyboard safely between the red and yellow flag, surf between the black and white flag and also they should never go in the water if the red flag is flying.

Max and Molly got to dress up as lifeguards. We learnt all about why lifeguards wear hats, glasses and yellow T-shirt’s and what the red floaty is used for. We also learnt about the jet skis and what they are used for and what safety equipment the lifeguards use.

The children listened carefully to all the things lifeguards do to keep us safe and what help they give if we hurt ourselves at the beach. The children know to dial 999 and ask for the coastguard, if they ever need help when the lifeguards have gone home. We also learnt how to get the attention of the lifeguard if we get in trouble in the water, by waving one arm and shouting “help!”.