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Spring term blast off!

What a fantastic start to a new term. All the children arrived on Tuesday morning excited to see their friends and eager to start their new topic… space!

Joshua Class kicked off the topic by learning about what astronauts eat in space. They loved watching real astronauts on the International Space Station eating food in the low gravity and discussing dehydrating food and eating from bags with straws.

We then discussed how to make a healthy soup. Evelyn said the seasoning could be salty like the sea. Cooper was able to identify the carrots. Ellie thought the leek could be a letticumber – which was an excellent idea, as it did look a bit like a lettuce and a bit like a cucumber! Rafael told us his Nan had courgettes at her house and Axl was able to name the butternut squash. All the children decided the soup would be very healthy as it was full of vegetables.

Some of the children wanted to make the soup. So, they cut up the vegetables very carefully using real knives. They then added the ingredients to our Joshua Class soup maker! The classroom smelled amazing, and the end result was delicious.

But the space expedition didn’t stop there… the pupils have been making and ordering their own planets with galaxy playdough, booking space travel at our very own Space Station role play area, experimenting with light in the space pod, making pinecone comets and weighing moon rocks. Watch out Tim Peake, Joshua Class are hot on your astronaut tail!

Joshua class also started a new PE module this week. They learnt all about where their heart is and what job it does. They then did an amazing job of throwing and catching ribbons with their partners before they landed on the floor.

Newquay Primary Academy has also introduced a new lunchtime menu for the children. The children agreed the new academy lunches looked delicious. All the children were able to try the new menu, and lots wanted another helping. The garlic bread, salad bar and pasta were a real hit.