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Zog and his eggs

We have had an exciting start to this half term in Joshua Class.

At the beginning of the week we were visited by Zog the Dragon, who laid eggs in school and left his doctors kit so the pupils could care for them. He also left each of the children an egg to look after. There were some amazing ideas on how to keep their own egg safe and happy.

Some of the class built beds and houses to keep their eggs warm. Some of the children had really clever ideas, like water for drinking and windows for sunlight!

Some of the class built their eggs a castle out of blocks and enjoyed using our loose parts to build turrets, drawbridges and battlements. We also discussed giving the egg a healthy diet and exercising with each egg!

On Friday the children received a video message from Zog thanking them for caring for his eggs and asking them to return them. All the children have managed to look after their egg all week – keeping them safe and happy!