Parent Teacher Association

Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a great way of getting to know other families and staff whilst making a real contribution to the quality of school life for all. Fund-raising is a major part of our PTA’s activities and directly contributes to the improvement of our school, but there’s a lot more to it than that. PTAs provide a great way to build the whole school community, including links with the wider society, all of which benefits our children and offers a positive influence within our local area.¬†Children love seeing their parents in school. You can benefit them, improve their educational environment and make friends too.¬†

Our PTA will fundraise throughout the year and put on seasonal events such as summer and Christmas fairs, Easter egg hunts and end-of-term discos. Without the voluntary work of these members, such events would not happen. Our parents and teachers work together to decide where the funds raised are most needed – whether that be revamping the school playground or organising extra-curricular activities and days out.

We recognise that some parents may have much to contribute in terms of ideas and/or information but they may simply not have the time to participate in fundraising activities. Our PTA provides a supportive forum for the exchange of ideas on school practices, policy, and strategic planning. This might involve reviewing a relevant policy (such as attendance or behaviour) or giving feedback about homework requirements or the quality of school meals. Where parents have relevant specialist knowledge and expertise, they are encouraged to share them with our staff.

Our PTA provides regular communications via our social media feeds to all our parents with news about what they are doing and upcoming events.